About Us

We are the Scheidler Family – Cory & Michelle & the GirlsIMG_5449

Cory is the mastermind behind most of our projects here on the Ranch.  He spends most of his time as the Director of Architecture at Cedar Corporation but is most in his element working outside here at home.

I spend most of my days as the Construction Coordinator at Vinopal Title but still hold out hope of being a stay at home dog mom someday.

We met at Cadott High School in 1995 and later married in 2000 while Cory was completing college.  After college Cory started at Cedar Corporation and we settled into our first home in Chippewa Falls, WI.  In 2014 we started construction of our dream home and officially made the move to the Ranch in 2015.  It truly has been a labor of love to build our dreams and pursue a life closer to the land we love.

Soon after we purchased our first home we added two female Italian Greyhounds to our family and “the girls” came into being.  We worked with Italian Greyhound rescue for years and have shared our home with up to 7 girls at one time throughout the years.  In 2016 we decided to expand our horizons and welcomed Whippets into our pack and now have a nice mix of both.

The current crew of “the girls”


Noni is our 7 pound, 15 year old Italian Greyhound who is my permanent shadow.  She lost the last of her teeth this year so often sports a “suppa-tongue” aka a derp.  We adopted her from rescue when she was 2 years old and she immediately became my best buddy



Molly is a 12 year old Italian Greyhound who is a wild animal at heart.  We fostered Molly as a puppy and after 5 years when she was returned to rescue we snatched her up to come live with us forever.  She has the heart of an adventurer and loves nothing more than snooping around outside.



Berry is 9 years old and considered a biggy IG being close to 15 pounds.  She came to us in 2016 and her sweet personality but competitive nature on a race course has made her the standard that all future IG’s will be compared to.


Luna was the first Whippet puppy to enter our household when she came home in 2016.  As a puppy we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into but at 3 most of her most naughty behaviors have run their course.



Olive the Whippet is the baby of the family at 2 year old.  Olive would happily rule over the entire household and enjoys pushing everyone around.  She counts on her cute face to get her out of trouble for most of her shenanigans.