14 Years Ago Today…

My shadow changed; it gained 4 legs, two pointy ears, and a bunny tail.  She was almost two years old and was coming into the rescue I worked with but they needed a foster home.  We were able to take another and I picked her up in Hudson, WI at the Target.  She was scared and so very little.  I stopped at Culvers to grab a grilled cheese sandwich we could share on the drive home.  Looking back this was an indication of how my life was going to be from then on – if I am eating and she sees then it must be shared.

Noni 1

She is my constant companion and best buddy always watching to see where I am and what I am doing. Looking back over the last 14 years neither of us looks as young as we once did and we both move a little slower but this little girl just gets better every day. Happy Gotcha Day Noni

noni 2.jpg

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